HORUS Academy
Demonstrate. Coach. Enable.

HORUS Scholars is a program of HORUS Academy, a 501c3 committed to education, empowerment, economic development, and equitable opportunities for historically marginalized youth and businesses. We foster youth develop  by helping student get career ready, college ready, and life ready. We demonstrate, coach, and enable historically marginalized local businesses, helping to create an equitable ecosystem for everyone within our community.

Lena Graham-Morris
HORUS Academy President

Lena has decades of experiences working as a community organizer, mentor, and entrepreneur and is committed to building possibilities for individual in all fields as well as mentoring the next generation of female entrepreneurs. As a first-generation college graduate and entrepreneur, she brings a skill set of knowledge and experience that helps others achieve their dreams.

Dr. Laura Dorsey
Executive Director-HORUS Scholars

Dr. Dorsey brings over three decades of education and university experience to HORUS Scholars. She has worked as a faculty member as well as an academic support leader, helping thousands of students navigate their college education and college life. Recently, she has been working with non-profit organizations helping students and families understand and secure financial aid and scholarships.

Jonathan Graham
Vice-Chair HORUS Academy
President-HORUS Construction

Jonathan Graham has taken a small, local, family-owned construction business and built it into a thriving, industry-leading construction and general contracting business serving multiple regions throughout the United States. Simultaneously, he has transferred his business skills to help HORUS Academy secure the resources and funding needed to significantly expand its reach.